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One Fine Day Flawless Face Polish  | Farmhouse Fresh - 6 fl oz/170.1 g

Whip your face into flawless shape! FarmHouse Fresh Goods shea-sugar cleanser/exfoliator is one of a top, all-time favorite. One Fine Day Flawless Face Polish is a refreshing makeover for your daily routine that surprises even the toughest face product critic.

It's fabulous for those of us with dry, sensitive skin or rosacea. Some regular cleansers leave your face feeling tight and stripped, causing your skin to work overtime to replace lost natural oils. This voluptuous whipping micro polisher brings radiance back Ð reducing signs of redness and discoloration.

Perfect For: dry, dehydrated & sensitive skin.

Pro Tip: apply in a circular motion and rinse with warm water. Gentle enough to use daily

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