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VV Cream | Perfect V - 50 mL

A multi-tasking skincare cream that hydrates the delicate skin of the bikini area while helping to prevent in-grown hair and red bumps.

  • Prevents ingrown hairs, red bumps & redness after waxing, shaving or other bikini treatments (Salicylic Acid, Lingonberry & Bilberry Fruit Extract)
  • Strengthens the delicate skin area (Vitamins A, C, E & Arctic Cloudberry)
  • Helps hyper-pigmentation of this skin from removing hair (Niacinamide)
  • Hydrates the skin (Rosehip Oil & Lingonberry)
  • Softens the hair - no more stubble (Panthenol)
  • Use daily as part of your regular intimate care to soothe the skin (Sea Buckthorn)
  • Quick drying, gentle formula - use daily
  • Dermatologist & Gynecologist Tested
  • NO Fragrance, SLS or Parabens

How to use:

  • Use daily as part of your regular intimate care regimen to soothe and hydrate the skin


  • Salicylic Acid (helps alleviate in grown hairs and red bumps)
  • Black Oats (moisturizing and conditioning)
  • Niacinamide (skin lightening)
  • Panthenol (moisturizes hair and skin)
  • Arctic Cloudberry (soothes and strengthens skin)
  • Bilberry (Calms redness)`
  • Rosehip Oil (hydrates)
  • Lingonbery (reduces redness)
  • Sea Buckthorn (heals skin)
  • Elderflower (evens skin tone)
  • NO Fragrance, SLS or Parabens

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