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Romance Shower Steamer | Primal Elements - 6 oz/170 g

  • Clementine, Patchouli, Vanilla.
  • Made with all natural ingredients and pure essential oils; their Shower Steamers release aromas to enhance your mood and promote wellbeing.
  • Simply place the Shower Steamer on the floor of the shower away from the strong stream from the shower head, in the soap dish, or anywhere the tablet can receive a gentle stream from the shower. After it gets wet, it will activate by the moisture and humidity in the shower, releasing the aromatic benefits.
  • Allow the Shower Steamer to dry in between showers and let the Shower Steamer to get wet in the next shower to reactivate again.
  • Each pouch contains 2 Shower Steamer tablet. For approximately 3-4 uses per tablet.
  • 3 ounce each tablet (170g). Made in USA.

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