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ULTRAFUSION® | SkinModerne

ULTRAFUSION® is a revolutionary 10MHz ultrasound device designed for innovative, professional skin care treatment to reduce wrinkles and acne. ULTRAFUSION® utilizes ultrasound technology based on a concept introduced by SKINMODERNE® Professional Beauty Inc. ULTRAFUSION® delivers remarkable results with each application when administered by trained skin-care professionals.

What is the ULTRAFUSION®?

ULTRAFUSION® is a compact, hand-held device. The high-quality titanium skin care treatment pen is engineered to precise user safety specifications. Each ULTRAFUSION® treatment visibly improves the skin’s appearance with limited side effects for clients as well as skin care providers. ULTRAFUSION®’s unique features include • A compact programming station. • An ergonomic, application pen. • Wireless, simple, and convenient handling. • Lightweight and portable. • Pre-set and programmable options. • Rechargeable battery with power sufficient for each individual treatment (approximately 30 minutes) between charges.


ULTRAFUSION® high quality skin care treatment pen. The titanium of the pen is chemically inactive and does not cause allergic reactions. It may be used in conjunction with various products as contact fluid. ULTRAFUSION® PROGRAMMING STATION * Application pen charging station. * Treatment program menu. * Preset for treatments.


ULTRAFUSION® is a piece of equipment for special types of treatment in beauty salons and spas, like reducing wrinkles and acne. The ULTRAFUSION® skin care treatment pen is considerably different to conventional ultrasonic devices, and can provide an application of ultrasonic waves with a frequency of 10 MHz. Wavelength of ultrasound with a frequency of 10 MHz measures approximately 0.15 mm This means that when ultrasound has a frequency of 10 MHz, the maximum pressure, and the maximum refraction levels are only separated in terms of space by half of the wavelength. This results in an consistently changing local pressure differential of only 0.075 mm. How deep and with which level of intensity the ultrasound enters the body is dependent on the level of frequency. The half-value depth (the distance according to which sound intensity has reduced down to 50%) for ultrasound with a frequency of 10 MHz measures approximately 0,3 cm. Therefore, ultrasound with a frequency of 10 MHz can be very beneficial for superficial applications (particularly those in cosmetics), due to the way it absorbs into the skin. ULTRAFUSION® is equipped with the following sonotrode as standard: Frequency - 10 MHz, size - 3.0 cm², max. intensity - 0.5 W/cm²

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