T100 Portable Spray Tan Machine | Vita Liberata

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T100 Portable Spray Tan Machine | Vita Liberata

The most effective method of spray tan to date is the application of a fines pray, controlled by a trained technician using a handheld Spray gun. Recent development Has resulted in the adaptation of the HVLP Turbine System for use in the sunless Tanning industry; HVLP delivers a high volume of air at a low pressure.

While generally less quiet than air compressor based systems, it offers several advantages:

•The flat spray pattern is quick and easy to control.
•The high volume of air results in a much quicker drying time and creates a finer mist with more even coverage, resulting in a better tan with less solution.
•The low pressure eliminates almost all waste through bounce back.
•A complete body tan will take approx 5minutes. The reduced spraying time decreases operator fatigue.

The T100 spray tan machine works supremely well with Vita Liberata spray tan solution.
This HVLP Turbine system, designed for the tanning industry, has a small needle less
than 1mm in size to give you a finer, more controllable, and economical spray.

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